Beverly and Shana singing in Concord, NH. Photo: Susan Bruce

Beverly Woods, accordion, Shana Aisenberg, mandolin

Medicaid Expansion Waltz

CHORUS: We need healthcare for everybody, healthcare for all
Hear us O Senators, this is no time to stall
Everybody needs healthcare, if not now, someday
This is our chance let’s not fritter it away

Now we all love NH and I think it is great
The pride and self-reliance we have in this state
But our motto is changing and I don’t know why
“Live free, no healthcare, we don’t care if you die.”

In the Union Misleader Bradley writes to complain
The Affordable Care Act is an oncoming train
Well I hope that train’s coming for you and for me
How else we’ll get coverage I really can’t see

You have made of our healthcare a political show
No matter how much sense it makes, some have to say NO!
If you don’t pass the Medicaid expansion today
When care’s uncompensated, then how will you pay?

We’ve all heard of death panels where someone decides
They’ll deny coverage, though people may die
Well I found that death panel, they’re meeting upstairs,
Come on inside and let’s show them we care.

©2013 Beverly Woods

Hesitation Blues - new lyrics ©2013 Beverly Woods

Rocks in the ocean, fish in the sea
The Senate says “no” to healthcare for me
Tell me how long do we have to wait?
Can we get healthcare now, or must we hesitate?

Eagle on the dollar says "In God we trust"
I hope we get healthcare before we go bust

a nickel is a nickel, a dime is a dime
expansion saves money, and there are lives on the line

all right we get it you don’t like the Feds
but this was Romney’s program it won’t make us all reds

They got the hesitation stockings, the hesitation shoes
Some Senators they got the hesitation blues

Expansion is paid for the money is there
will you send it away blowing lots of hot air

Battle Hymn - new lyrics ©2013 Beverly Woods

The uninsured are all around you, you may not know who we are
but we’re checking out your groceries, clean your houses, fix your cars
and finally we have a chance: get health care up to par
good healthcare will make NH strong!

Chorus: glory glory we need healthcare
not just billionaires for wealthcare
while you study what it costs, people get sick and lives are lost
we need health coverage now

nobody should go bankrupt with gigantic medical bills
nor should people have to choose between their food or buying pills
the studies are already done, and lack of healthcare kills
good healthcare will make NH strong!

we’re among your friends and neighbors and you see us every day
we’d like to think we would be missed if we should pass away
and if we remain uninsured there’s bigger bills to pay
It’s time to expand Medicaid!!

You can hear Medicaid Expansion Waltz, Hesitation Blues and Shana's song Bake Sale on Arnie Arnesen's radio show podcast: Attitude with Arnie 2013-06-17 Monday Hour 1 June 17, 2013 11:05 AM

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