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Tunes from Tamworth Tune Learning and Bandcraft Sessions

Tunes for November 17, 2023:

Jamie Allen – G  sheet music and audio
Road to Boston – D pdf     mp3
Sweet Betsy From Pike sheet music and midi audio   pdf
Whiskey Before Breakfast – D  pdf   mp3
Rose Tree – pdf with chords     mp3

Tunes for December 15, 2023:

Galopede – pdf  fiddle mp3 midi audio file
Crooked Stovepipe – G sheet music & audio   pdf
Moon and Seven Stars pdf     sheet music & audio at 2 speeds
Over the Waterfall – D – sheet music & audio
Girl I Left Behind Me – G  pdf mp3
Kesh Jig: Please see this new PDF of Kesh Jig with chords for chords we will use going forward.

Additional tunes for January 19, 2024 tune learning session:

Haste to the Wedding – D sheet music & midi   pdf
Blarney Pilgrim – G  (3 part jig) sheet music & midi pdf
Rakes of Mallow – G  sheet music + midi   pdf
Pigtown Fling – G  sheet music + midi    pdf
Lynn Stanhope Waltz  – G pdf  mp3

Tunes for February 16, 2024:

Green Willis – D  sheet music & midi    pdf
Southwind Waltz – G pdf
Portland Fancy – A    sheet music & midi       pdf
Maggie in the Woods  – polka, G   sheet music & midi   pdf
Blackberry Quadrille – D   sheet music & midi   pdf

Tunes for March 15, 2024:

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine – D  sheet music & midi     pdf
The Gaspé Reel -D – sheet music & midi  pdf
Smash the Windows sheet music & midi     pdf
Seven Step Polka – G -pdf
Charley Murray’s Waltz – A -pdf     as played by composer Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

Tunes for April 19, 2024:

Hull’s Victory – F  sheet music & midi  pdf
Chorus Jig – D/G  sheet music & midi    pdf
Chinese Breakdown – D  Revised – sheet music and midi    Revised pdf
The Old French – D/A   sheet music and midi   pdf
Amelia – Waltz by Bob McQuillen:

June 8, 2024, 7:30 pm – String Equinox will be playing and calling the Tamworth Second Saturday Dance at the Town House. Please contact us if you’d like to sit in.

Tamworth Outing Club Dance Schedule