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Tamworth Tune Learning and Bandcraft Sessions

Coming Up: Friday, January 19, 2024 FREE tune learning session, see below.

Jacqueline’s 2022 materials: sheet music for tunes here. (zip file)   A PDF tune list with links to audio is here. Note: these materials are for reference only. We did not learn all of them last year, and some notes or chords may not accurately reflect the way we are currently playing them. See updated materials below.

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024: Materials for current program below. PLEASE NOTE: New versions in this section supersede any previous versions in materials above.

Additional tunes for November 17, 2023 tune learning session:

Jamie Allen – G  sheet music and audio
Road to Boston – D pdf     mp3
Sweet Betsy From Pike sheet music and midi audio   pdf
Whiskey Before Breakfast – D  pdf   mp3
Rose Tree – pdf with chords     mp3

Additional tunes for December 15, 2023 tune learning session:

Galopede – pdf  fiddle mp3 midi audio file
Crooked Stovepipe – G sheet music & audio   pdf
Moon and Seven Stars pdf     sheet music & audio at 2 speeds
Over the Waterfall – D – sheet music & audio
Girl I Left Behind Me – G  pdf mp3
Kesh Jig: Please see this new PDF of Kesh Jig with chords for chords we will use going forward.

Additional tunes for January 19, 2024 tune learning session:

Haste to the Wedding – D sheet music & midi   pdf
Blarney Pilgrim – G  (3 part jig) sheet music & midi pdf
Rakes of Mallow – G  sheet music + midi   pdf
Pigtown Fling – G  sheet music + midi    pdf
Lynn Stanhope Waltz  – G pdf  mp3

Additional tunes for February 16, 2024 tune learning session:

Green Willis – D  sheet music & midi    pdf
Southwind Waltz – G pdf
Portland Fancy – A    sheet music & midi       pdf
Maggie in the Woods  – polka, G   sheet music & midi   pdf
Blackberry Quadrille – D   sheet music & midi   pdf

Additional tunes for March 15, 2024 tune learning session:

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine – D  sheet music & midi     pdf
The Gaspé Reel -D – sheet music & midi  pdf
Smash the Windows sheet music & midi     pdf

Additional tunes for April 19, 2024 tune learning session (with Shana Aisenberg & Jacqueline Laufman):

Hull’s Victory – F
Chorus Jig – D/G
Chinese Breakdown – D
Old French

May 17, 2024 tune learning session: Review?

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